Gordon Hookey

Gordon Hookey was born in Cloncurry Queensland and belongs to the Waanyi people. Hookey’s work combines figurative characters, iconic symbols, bold comic-like text, and a spectrum of vibrant colours. Through this idiosyncratic visual language he has developed a unique and immediately recognisable style. Hookey locates his art at the interface where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures converge. He explicitly attacks the establishment and implicates our current political representatives. Hookey’s visual aesthetic is breaking new ground with a foray into stop motion animation, as evident in his recent video Terraist (2012).

There is always humour in Gordon Hookey’s work. He has a great ability to bring to animals human attributes and emotions, and through this is able channel often-fierce commentary on the politics of Australian race relations. Here two kangaroos are in mid-conversation. There is accusation and total disbelief. It has a curious resemblance to the encounters between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

Two Kangaroos
Charcoal on paper
2 parts, 76x58cm each
Courtesy of Milani Gallery
view at Phillip’s Barber Shop
74 Vulture St
West End
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